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Review: Essence Brush Cleansing Spray


Brush cleansing sprays are great, not just if you are a makeup artist, but for people with very few brushes as well! You can use your brushes more often between washes, so this one by Essence should be fine, shouldn’t it?

stay clean! this brush cleansing spray keeps all the fabulous essence brushes clean. simply spray the cleansing spray on the brush bristles and then gently wipe the brush on a cloth to remove any make-up residue. after drying, the brush is ready for use again! with a pleasant, fresh scent.

Well, unfortunately, this one isn’t that great. It doesn’t really clean my brushes at all! And that’s kind of the purpose for this product. As to the scent, oh my god, this is the worst scent ever. It smells really strongly like alcohol, to the point that when I use it, I have to hold in my breathe otherwise I’m just going to cough. Scent usually doesn’t really bother me, as long as product work I don’t mind it smelling badly, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t do as promised, which is a real shame, because who doesn’t like a cheap brush cleansing spray?

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