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Review: the Secret of Shadow Ranch by Carolyn Keene

Yes I am back with another review of a Nancy Drew book, I’m sure y’all missed these! But, I’m almost done with the entire series of Nancy Drew, well, the one in these editions, unfortunately!! Today I’m going to talk about my favourite Nancy Drew by far, the Secret of Shadow Ranch.

Nancy travels with her friends Bess and George to Shadow Ranch, near Phoenix, Arizona. The ranch is in danger of being shut down, and is threatened by a phantom horse that seems to bring destruction with it each time it appears. The girls soon become friends with the young ranch hands who help them. The discovery of a pocket watch with a hidden message about a green bottle and a pastel painting are her clues to find the lost treasure of Dirk Valentine. These clues lead her to an ancient Indian dwelling, a prisoner, a chest of gold hearts, a gang of thieves, and a lot of danger.

I am a huge sucker for cowboy stories. This is something I never realised until I watched the movie Holes in my first year of High School (thanks mevrouw Pijls!) and read this book. Cowboy curses? Ladies who were waiting for their love? Said love being shot to death by her father? Lady gets her heartbroken and shipped away to the other side of the country? SIGN ME UP. Of course, Nancy has a mystery or 12 to solve in this one book and all the mysteries are quite interesting. Lost fathers, cowboy treasures, ghost horses that brings doom and despair, and on top of that all, why do the farm hands act so suspicious?

By far my favourite Nancy Drew and honestly, if you want to read just one Nancy Drew story, this would be the one. You can buy this edition here.


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