Tips for a vintage look


I don’t want to say that I’m an expert on what clothes I wear, I wear kind of what I like whenever I feel like it, I have always been that way. But the only style I feel 100% comfortable with is the more vintage/retro style. I especially wear more 40s/50s/60s styles and it just feels like second skin to me. I never follow rules, however, I just do what I feel like! I never changed, even though I got bullied for YEARS for the way I dressed, I never did what other people told me what to do. However, what would’ve been nice as a young one, was an overall list with some tips to get YOUR perfect vintage look. So here I am, writing it!

Tip 1: Do your research!
There are TONS of great books about the more vintage style and reading those books will give you enough inspiration to find your own style. There’s more to vintage than just big dresses and petticoats. Some people only feel comfortable in pants, and there are HEAPS of looks with pants, but you just need to find your niche. I really recommend the Style Me Vintage series, they show looks from the 1920s til sometimes even the 1980s! Yes, the 1980s became vintage too, what a life. Other books I really recommend if you are starting out are: Hollywood Beauty: Vintage Secrets by Lauren Slater and Your Beauty Mark by Dita von Teese, a little word of warning though: Your Beauty Mark has some nude pictures in it! If you are uncomfortable with nude bodies, I don’t recommend you getting that one, though it is an amazing book. I will write reviews about more books to read if you want to start out with vintage fashions! If you can’t afford to read books, there are some amazing websites such as Glamourdaze.

Top: Collectif Clothing, Skirt: Lindy Bop, Shoes: Clarks

Tip 2: Get comfortable!
If you are afraid to wear something you feel amazing in, be it because of bullies or if you don’t like to stand out, try it out on holidays! You will go places where you won’t see any of these people ever again, so who cares what they think? I never really cared what other people thought of me, as long as I feel amazing, nothing else matters. The last year or so I did get more less confident in myself, but I like what I wear and that’s all that matters. Or, if you aren’t privileged enough to go on holidays, go about it easily. Try wearing a skirt without a petticoat and a modern sweater. Especially pencil skirts are easy to start wearing. Build it up gradually, so in the end no one will even notice you changed your style.

Dress: True Vintage, Belt: Collectif Clothing, Hat: Top Vintage, Shoes: Clarks

Tip 3: Know your brands!
There are so many brands that sell vintage reproduction clothing! Trying to find vintage clothing that isn’t too expensive, is quite hard in the Netherlands. So, I like to wear repro clothes! There’s nothing wrong with wearing repro instead of real vintage, just so you know. When I order my clothing, I mostly order through Top Vintage, they sell all over the world but are based in the Netherlands. It’s a site with a lot of different brands, sometimes it’s cheaper for me to order through Top Vintage over the original websites, but some other brands I really like to order from are Collectif Clothing and Lindy Bop. Lindy Bop is great if you want to start out, they have some amazing sales, so you can build up your collection easily. Collectif has some really high quality clothing which I really love. All the articles I own are made out of cotton which is important to me! Do some research if you want to find more 30s style clothing, as these websites don’t offer a lot of those!

Top: Monki, Skirt: Lindy Bop, Shoes: Clarks

Tip 4: You don’t have to stick to one style!!!!
The number one thing people tend to forget is that people don’t have to stick to one style all the damn time! I really can’t be bothered to wear petticoats every day, and I like to wear some 60s styled clothing and 40s the next. Sometimes I don’t even wear vintage style, I wear different things, because you don’t have to stick to one fashion style. People are fluid, and so are clothes. You don’t have to have an entire wardrobe made out of vintage style clothing, guys! As long as you wear what you love, it doesn’t matter what style it is. You can also mix and match, sometimes a modern shirt looks great with a vintage style skirt and that’s all ok. Don’t think you have to follow some really strict rules to be part of this community, don’t worry!

Tip 5: Find some style inspiration!
Instagram is your best friend when it comes to this. There are some really talented ladies who wear the most beautiful outfits! My absolute favourite person is Rachel Maksy, she has an amazing personality, she’s incredibly funny and she’s got a beautiful sense of fashion that’s great to look up to. She doesn’t just have an amazing instagram, but she also has youtube channel! Other lovely ladies are, Liz Tregenza (she’s a fashion historian!), Elle,  the Hepburn Movement, Amy who also has a blog here, there are obviously tons more, but these are some to get you started! Rachel isn’t the only one with a youtube channel, Miss Victory Violet, Cherry Dollface, and Lily Jarlsson have some great channels too! I do wish I could offer you some more diversity, so if you know of any vintage themed instagrams or youtube channels, let me know!

I might write another post about makeup and beauty on this subject, because I do really love writing about this! I hope this post helped you a bit, or gave you the confidence to start venturing into this amazing style!

The photos taken for this blogpost are made by: Sophie Roggeband at Sophie Roggeband Photography

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