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Review: Zoeva Retro Future Palette


I was really excited to try out this palette! I’ve only heard really great things about Zoeva eyeshadows and I didn’t really have colours like this in my collection, so I thought this was a great way to try out this brand.

Inspired by the feminine universe, this eyeshadow palette reflects the shades of intergalactic nights. Discover the beauty of the stars through space travel and create bold, energetic eyes with planetary tones.It’s nice to be iconic and futuristic at the same time.

Formula: Micronized Pigments // Paraben Free // Mineral Oil Free

Finish: Matte // Satin // Metallic // Duo Chrome

I tried this palette for the first time when I had my exams in early April. And to be quite honest, I’m really disappointed. The eyeshadows aren’t that pigmented and when you try to blend two colours, they just wash out and get blotchy and just not cute.

I’m going to show you the swatches from the eyeshadows, and I just want you to know that I had to dip in 3 times with my fingers to get an okay swatch. I’m just going to point out that a swatch done with your fingers will always be more pigmented than when you use a brush, so this was just really sad.


The light colour wasn’t light enough, but the sparkly ones are okay. They were a bit more pigmented than the others, but I had to reapply the colour multiple times to get this intensity, and it isn’t as intense as I wanted.


Just look how sad these are!!! I had to reapply so many times that I just got tired of it and left it like this. The silver isn’t even that silver and the lilac isn’t nice at all. You can tell they are really chalky and not smooth and buttery. They feel really dry and are really hard to apply with either your fingers or a brush.

I really didn’t like this palette and it’s such a shame. You might think to yourself: “Aw, they ain’t half that bad!” but let me just show you a swatch from a Morphe 35OS palette, which is about the same price but you get about 35 colours instead of these 10.


This is one swipe guys, one swipe. Look how pigmented, look how smooth and buttery, nothing like this retro future palette.

SO basically, if you want to spend your money on one platte, don’t get this one. I know they look promising, but they really aren’t and I’m really reluctant to try out more Zoeva eyeshadows.

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