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Review: Colourpop Matte X Lippie Stix in Trust Me


Colourpop needs to have free international shipping again soon, because I’m dying to get more Colourpop products!! Today I’m reviewing a lippie stix in the Matte X formula in a beautiful red shade. Am I as pleased with this lippie stix as with the other Colourpop products?

Lippie Stix Formula contains Vitamin E, Mango, Avocado, and Shea butter for added comfort and moisture. None of our Lippie formulas contain any nasty ingredients like Parabens or Sulfates.

Matte X Full-coverage, SUPER matte lipstick (think liquid lip status) with a very unique, lightweight, and velvety feel.

Matte lipsticks are a bit of a daring product, considering that they can suck the life out of your lips if they are too matte. I don’t have that issue with this lipstick! Even though it’s the most matte formula Colourpop has, this is extremely comfortable to wear. I don’t have any issue with chapped lips or it drying my lips out.


When they say it’s matte, it’s hella matte. The colour is really opaque and it’s a blue based red, which suits pretty much everyone. It applies really nicely and it doesn’t tug at your lips at all!

I really love this lipstick! I really want to buy more of this formula, and just more from Colourpop in general. I totally recommend checking out this lippie stix.

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