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Review: Morphe 35OM Matte Nature Glow Palette


So, everyone knows the Morphe palettes. We all have heard about the 35O line, but are they as amazing as other people tell me?

The ever-popular 35O palette gets a twist in this all-matte version with the warm neutrals you love and creamy, highly pigmented shades that blend perfectly together. Matte shadows work just as well in the office as they do for a night on the town, making this palette a go-to for any situation.

I do really like this palette as a makeup artist. You get 35 warm toned eyeshadows, but a lot of the browns look the same. I know they aren’t the same, but upon initial look they do look really similar. The quality of the eyeshadows aren’t the same for every colour, I guess that’s because matte eyeshadows are hard to make. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad palette!


I’m not going to swatch all the colours, because otherwise I wouldn’t have an arm left, but here are some randomly picked colours from the palette. These are all 1 swipe. Look at that pigment! That orange is just to die for. As you can tell, the pigment isn’t equal, but even the lesser pigmented ones are really nice. The lightest colours are about my skincolour and are the least pigmented of the bunch.


Honestly, I’m really impressed by this palette. I don’t really use matte eyeshadows, but I really like to use these ones. For it’s price it’s amazing and I really recommend this palette if you are either a makeup artist or use mostly matte eyeshadows.

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