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Review: NYX Liquid Crystal Liner


Who doesn’t love glitter? When I saw the NYX Liquid Crystal Liners, I had to have some, so I bought the colours Onyx and Pink, event though it looks like a purple.

What do these eyeliners promise?

Infused with glamorous micro-glitter for sparkling sex appeal this fine brush tip allows for precision application and can be used to create lines of varying thickness. Perfect for parties and date-night drama.

I love it when products suggest when to use them, as if people don’t wear glitter when they do the groceries (newsflash, they do). Now, this product isn’t easy to use, so if you are new to makeup, stay away from this for a while!!


This is the applicator, it’s really soft and bendable, which makes applying product quite hard. So if you want to do a winged liner with this, it’s going to take a while. It doesn’t distribute a lot of product at once, which can be a plus, because you don’t want to just have this big blob of glitter on your eyelids, or where ever you want to put this glitter. Now, the black one has a lot more pigment than the pink/purple one.


I do prefer to use the purple one of the black one. The only downside to these is that when they dry down, they actually sting and hurt a bit, because they make the skin more dry. Sort of like glue. If you have really sensitive or really dry skin: stay away from this glitter!!! No matter how great the colours are, they will hurt your skin. Don’t let me scare you into not trying this if you don’t have dry or sensitive skin, I really like these eyeliners and the sparkle is really nice too. I have these in my kit but just try one out on your hand before you buy it, just to be safe!

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