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Review: Filorga Scrub & Mask


My favourite mask got discontinued so I had to go on the hunt for a new one. This mask got recommended to me by the lovely shop lady, so I tried it out!

What does it promise?

Step 1: new-skin revealing scrub
Massage gently into clean skin: perlite spheres gently remove dead cells while an enzyme mimicking the embryo hatching process boosts exfoliation for a complete new-skin effect.

/ Step 2: anti-ageing reoxygenating mask
When the scrub is completed, leave to settle; the texture will transform into an active mousse: NCTF® boosts cell regeneration and micro-bubbles of oxygen are released to allow suffocated skin to breathe. When the bubbles have disappeared, it’s time to rinse off.

Immediately, pores are tightened and skin texture is refined and smoothed. Reoxygenated, the skin glows with new-found radiance.

Well, it does do what it promises. My skin feels really smooth and glorious after using this. The bubbles feel really funny on my skin and the scrub is really nice too, not too rough and not too soft. You have to apply the product quickly because it starts to bubble and foam almost immediately after putting it on your skin.


It takes a little while for the bubbles to disappear, but if you want more bubbles after they have left, you just need to carefully rub your face again and the bubbles will reemerge. I also noticed that if I take a really hot bath while having this on my face, sweat makes the bubbles come back as well.


The packaging is really hygienic, which is a huge plus. You push down the circle and product comes out, you wipe it off and just apply it to your face. Only small amounts come out as well, so you don’t use too much product. You do get quite a lot of product for your money, but you can’t tell how much is left, as the packaging is fully opaque, which is a shame.

It does what it promises, it does feel nice on my skin, but I’m not wowed nor do I think it’s worth the money. If you can find it somewhere with a good discount, you should really try it out, but otherwise, safe your money for something better!

3 thoughts on “Review: Filorga Scrub & Mask”

  1. I love Filorga and two product that really are worth the money and that have changed my skin are Sleep&Peel and Time Filler Eyes. The latter has been used by my 53 yr old mother as well and she swears it has changed her undereyes and smoothed wrinkles almost to the point of disappearance. Also, Filorga is best known for its anti-wrinkle creams and skin changing creams/serums so maybe bubble masks and such aren’t their “specialty”. Highly recommend these two products if you have the chance! Good job on your blog, keep it up 🙂 !!

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    1. Thanks for your tips!!! I believe I tried the sleep and peel as a 18 year old, and I did like what it did, especially cos it smelled like apples in my opinion. I’ll have a look out for the eye cream!! 😄

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