I’m finally a makeup artist!


The last 13 weeks I was studying to be a makeup artist and I’m finally done!! I’m a makeup artist now, folks. Yes, a real one. Like, a legit one. One with a piece of paper which says: YES HELLO I AM A MAKEUP ARTIST.

Can you tell I’m excited to be done? Because I sure as heckies am. The funniest thing is, my boyfriend is more proud of me for achieving this than I am myself. I am not that proud, if I’m really honest, because I feel like I can do more, but it’s all ok, because I’ve got my diploma and that’s all that matters right now.

I usually don’t really talk about personal stuff, well, not that much, but I felt that something like this had to be mentioned on my own blog. I’m going to start a website for my makeup artistry skills soon and I will keep you guys updated.

Oh, y’all probably would want to see what my looks were for my exams so let’s go!

17757437_1792012900825256_7092801020586183052_nMy lovely sister was my model for the first look! It was inspired by Joanne Gair Unfortunately, you can’t tell but her eyebrows were a rose colour too. I mostly used the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette. And I quite liked it!

17760133_1792012880825258_2387678564000693476_nThis was my second look and I really quite liked it as well! It looked really cute on my beautiful model (who in fact, is a real life model so like I lucked out on that one!), and she liked it as well! I especially loved the glitter eyebrows and the cute little stars.
It’s a real shame I don’t have more professional photos of the looks, but alas!

Anyways, I’m excited to start this next thing in my life and hopefully it’ll turn out fine!

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