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MUA Tip: Evian Mineral Water Spray


What most of you guys don’t know, is that I started a course to become a Makeup Artist. With this course I experimented a lot with products and the Evian Mineral Water Spray has been a great discovery!

What is it?

With its powerful micro-droplet mist, evian Brumisateur® hydrates, tones, and refreshes skin throughout the day. A favorite of skin care professionals, hypo-allergenic evian Facial Spray with a neutral 7.2 pH is compatible with all skin types and enhances all skin care regimes. Spray a light mist right over makeup to revive color throughout the day. It can also help remove perspiration, ocean salt, and pool chlorine from the skin.

So basically, it’s just water. But damn, it’s amazing water! I use this on models who have extreme dry skin, before and after I do their makeup, and it really helps. The skin looks less dry and less flakes appear when I apply makeup on faces. I love it so much that I use it in my own makeup routine as well.  The spray is really nice, it’s really soft and packs a punch, it’s not one of those spray bottles that apply it only on one part of your face, but it has a nice spray that applies evenly.

I’m not sure what it is that makes this spray so amazing, but it does really work.If you work as an MUA or just do your own makeup and struggle with dryness, I really recommend trying this out!

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