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Review: Colour Pop Ultra Glossy Lip in Trinkets


I love Colour Pop, I own several eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks, but I never owned an Ultra Glossy Lip before, and when I saw that Colour Pop had a colab with Hello Kitty, I had to have one!

The description of this lipgloss is that it’s a blue red lipgloss with some sparkle in it. The lipgloss does have glitter, but you don’t really notice it on your lips formula wise, but you do see them on your lips.


In my opinion it’s more pink than red, but it does look really nice and quite natural on the lips.It doesn’t get sticky or stringy, you know when you smack your lips together and it makes it look like you are just a character from a horror movie. Honestly, I’ve got nothing bad to say about this lipgloss, nor is this life changing. The lipgloss is just that, a lipgloss, but it’s a nice colour and it’s a colab with Hello Kitty, so it’s a win for me.

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