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Lipstick Thursday: Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint in Bare Melon


I never used something from Bobbi Brown before, it was kind out of my budget, but I was intrigued when I saw this Extra Lip Tint in stores!

What is this product?

Lightweight, sheer and ultra-moisturizing, our Extra Lip Tint has all the benefits of your go-to balm, plus a just-bitten pink stain that brings out the best in lips. Our favorite part? The subtle stain blends in with your natural lip color, so it’s instantly your perfect shade (and everyone else’s, too).


Does it deliver on it’s promises? It definitely does! This balm is the most moisturizing balm I have ever used, it even surpasses my Kiehl’s lip balm. It leaves my lips feeling so nice and smooth, and it completely destroys any flakes on my lips.

As for the colour, it does change depending on your own skin tone, so on me it looks more a red/orange with a pink undertone, and for example, it looks more bright pink on my mother.


I love this balm Yes, it is quite expensive for a lip balm, but it does really do what it promises. And, as I’ve got really dry lips, it has been of great use this winter. So if you are looking for a natural looking lip balm, that moisturizes your lips beautifully, I totally recommend this one!

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