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Review: a Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie


I am a big Poirot fan, but Agatha Christie isn’t just known for Poirot, miss Marple is one of her greatest creations as well. So here I am, reviewing my first miss Marple book!

The premise sounded really interesting to this one! A burglar gets shot, old ladies get killed, who’s behind all this??

Miss Marple (referred to in this book as Old Pussy and honestly, I kept laughing every time I read it, because I am a child) gets involved with this crime and she helps to solve it.
Where Poirot solves the actual crimes, miss Marple is just a side character who saves the day by the ending. She only sits there for most of the book and doesn’t really do anything than say one or two things, and when the ending comes around she KAPOWS her way and then she’s awesome.

The book wasn’t bad, I mean, I didn’t really know who did it until the ending, the clues we got were that odd that I kept thinking there were spelling errors in the book. I’ll probably read the other miss Marple books, but not until I finished all of the Poirot books, because I like those better than the miss Marple books.

You can buy this book here.



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