the History of Beauty Intro

seventeen magazine 1962.jpg

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

or, so we are told for many, many years.
And in a way, that’s true, everyone is attractive to someone, but culture is a big influence on beauty as well. What was attractive in Ancient Greece, isn’t necessarily beautiful now. Makeup works the same. Like Lisa Eldridge mentions in her book Face Paint , makeup became more experimental when women had more rights. Ancient Egypt was extremely free in the use of makeup, but Victorian England had a real stigma on makeup and it was frowned upon to actually use it (did that stop people? Absolutely not.).

History and makeup are two of my favourite things on this planet, yet, we don’t know much about the combination of the two, and when we do, it’s usually very (white) American and European centered.

I hope to teach more people about the history of beauty, all over the world. Because everyone should see the beauty in beauty.

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