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Review: the Allington Inheritance by Patricia Wentworth


Here we are again with my favourite detective novelist; Patricia Wentworth! This time we are talking about the Allington Inheritance.


I loved reading this book, it was a quick read and it was a really nice story. But then I finished and started thinking about it, and I realised that this is not my favourite Patricia Wentworth, if anything, I believe it’s the one I dislike the most.

Now the story itself isn’t bad, it’s interesting, a murder happens and it was supposed to be Jenny that should’ve been killed, but someone else dies. What we need to remember is that Jenny is 18 years old and lives what happens to be her aunt. But then BOTH her cousins want to marry her? One for love reasons, the other one because he’s a gigantic ass. I know it was normal to marry your cousin in that time, and still is in some countries, but still… Jenny always lived in this village and never met anyone, she doesn’t go to school and she is an au pair to her family, because she can get along with the children that her aunt never wanted.
The more I think about this book, the more problematic it is. Children get neglected in it, Jenny who is still a girl deals with multiple traumatic experiences in her life but seems FINE throughout the book????

The story is quite improbable too. Jenny leaves her family to safe herself, than meets her 3rd cousin she never met on the road at 12 am at night and she just jumps into his car and they leave to his place. For someone who wants to save her life, she’s making the most stupid mistake in her life doing that.

Also, Miss Silver doesn’t appear in the book up until three quarters in. I’m here for the detective work, not all the trivial stuff around it???

I don’t know, I liked reading this book, but it’s so problematic and there is so much insta-love that I just don’t want to like this book anymore? If you want to read the whole Miss Silver series, read it by all means, otherwise, don’t. Just pick a different Miss Silver because this one is just too problematic and it’s annoying.

You can buy this here.


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