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Review: Dangerous Day in the Roman Empire by Terry Deary


It’s been too long since I talked about another Terry Deary book, so here we are! This time we are going to talk about the Roman Empire, an era which I’m not really interested in, but it being written by Terry Deary, I HAD to read it!


The blurb delivered, this is a really funny book, just like the Horrible Histories series. This book really is like the grownup version of the series.
It’s divided by reigning emperor and it tells what that person did, how they became emperor and how they died. It is a lot more in depth than any other history book I usually read and it’s NOT boring, which is a HUGE plus! That’s what I love about Terry Deary, his book are hilarious and make you want to read more.

Though, this one wasn’t my favourite of the bunch. I mean, it’s interesting, it’s funny, but I just wasn’t interested enough in it to truly love it. I really learned something from it, which is a plus because that’s what you want when you read non-fiction, but I just wasn’t invested in it. I really want to say more about this book, but I don’t feel like there is much else to say, it’s a non-fiction, hilarious, knowledgeable, uncommon with it’s information and just plain Terry Deary, it’s just a shame I’m not into the era!

Do I recommend this book if you ARE interested in the Roman era? Totally! Do I recommend it if you AREN’T interested in the Roman era? Still totally!

You can buy this here.


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