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Makeup Favourites of 2016

Here we go, we finally reached the point of doing our yearly favourites. I’m pretty excited about it, because I like knowing what other people love! So let’s start!

Favourite Foundation:
20161219_130219.jpgCharlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in shade 01.
Yes, I am that white that you can barely see it in the photo, and I’m the lightest shade. I LOVE this foundation! I’m one of those white people who can never find any foundations in their colour, luckily Charlotte Tilbury (and most Asian cosmetics like Etude House) carry my shade. It has SPF of 15, feels nice on the skin, doesn’t dry out my skin (huge plus!!!!), and it’s easy to use. This is really my favourite foundation and I don’t think I’ll be using a different one any time soon.

Favourite Concealer:20161219_130422.jpgLaura Mercier Secret Concealer in shade 0.5
I am literally that white that I don’t even make it to an actual number in these shades. I’m literally shade 0.5. I do really love this concealer, obviously, I’ve only owned this for a few weeks, but I really, really adore it. It’s nice and creamy, covers my dark circles, doesn’t crease and doesn’t leave my skin dry. It’s medium coverage, so if you have REALLY dark circles, it won’t cover them. But I do really recommend this concealer, you honestly pay for what you get!

Favourite Powder:
Bourjois Poudre de Riz
I wrote a review about this powder all ready, so if you want to read more about it, you can check it out! I love this powder, it does what it’s supposed to do, fit within my vintage aesthetic, smells nice, and is drugstore. Honestly, the best powder I’ve tried this year!

Favourite Eyeshadow Primer:
Essence I Love Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base
You can tell I have used this one many times because everything wore off of the product. Oopsie. This primer is great, because it’s about 2 euro and is my exact skin colour, so it makes my eyelids look really nice, makes colours appear brighter and does what it’s supposed to do. Now, it isn’t amazingly wow, you do get what you pay for it, so it isn’t super long wearing, but on overall day to day wear it’s great! You can read a full review here.

Favourite Eyeshadow Palette:
Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette
This is my go-to eyeshadow palette if I want to have something on my eyes, but don’t have much time. The colours are nice and simple, but glittery which I love! Silk Teddy is my absolute favourite eyeshadow and I use it all the time. If you want to read a more in depth review about it you can find it here

Favourite Eyeliner:20161219_130536.jpgCatrice Liquid Liner Waterproof
I always use eyeliner. My absolute favourite eyeliner is the dolly wink eyeliner, but I can’t get it in the Netherlands,so I’m looking for an alternative. Now, the Catrice Liquid Liner is great. It’s really cheap, does it’s thing and stays put and doesn’t smudge. It isn’t as amazing as my dolly wink eyeliner, but this one is definitely a great alternative! .

Favourite Mascara:

20161219_130555.jpgLancôme Grandiose Mascara
I love love love LOVE the Lancôme mascaras, the only mascaras that compare to their amazingness is the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, other than that, I’ve never tried a mascara better or in a similar league as the Lancôme ones. And this one is by far my favourite this year. It makes my lashes look amazing and I look beautiful with this one. Now, if you have shorter lashes this will NOT work for you. My mum tried this one, who has short lashes, and she hated it. I’ve got really long lashes, and it looks amazing. So be aware of that!

Favourite Blush:
Clinique Cheek Pop in 03 Berry Pop
MAC This is Paradise Frost Powder Blush
Now, Blush is the only category where I’ve got two favourites. Why? Because the MAC one is a Limited Edition one, so you can’t get that one anymore, and that wouldn’t be fair to put in a favourites now would it? Both of these are amazing, and I use both of these all the time. They are both nicely pigmented, both stay in place for a long time and they look really nice on the cheeks. Honestly, great blushes!
If you want to read a review about the Clinique one, you can find it here.

Favourite Lipstick:
MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Sweet Sakura
This has been my signature lipstick for 2016, especially this summer. It’s a nice colour that brightens my face, is flattering, comfortable, easy to wear, and the colour isn’t too bright so you can wear it with any look . As soon as I run out of it I’m going to buy a new one, which is impressive, because I have never finished a lipstick before! If you want to read a more in depth review, you can find it here.

Favourite Lipgloss:
Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Coral my Bluff
This is a plumping lipgloss and looks great on top of all my red based lipsticks! I love the scent, I love the lasting power, I love everything about it! The only downside to this lipgloss is that I can’t get it in the Netherlands and have to go to the UK to get it, but hey, we can’t have it all.
If you want to read a review about this lipgloss, you can find it here.

Favourite Liquid Lipstick:
ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Creeper
You can tell I used this one way too often, because I wore down all the lettering on this tube. I really don’t understand how people hate the ColourPop formula? I find them amazing! They don’t feel drying, they are really long lasting, amazing colours and pigmentation and especially for that price. If you want to get a great liquid lipstick, check out the ColourPop ones! If you want to read a review, you can find it here!

Favourite Nail Polish:
Essie in Funny Face
One of my favourite movies is Funny Face, so that is honestly why I bought this one. I don’t generally like the Essie formulation, to put it mildly. They chip really quickly, apply streaky and are just not great nail polishes. BUT!!!! This one is the great one out of the bunch. It applies really nicely, and stays put for about a week. Not only do I love the colour, I do really love everything about this nail polish and I really recommend it to you guys!

Favourite Brand:
I am REALLY impressed by the whole ColourPop range. I more than the picture shows, and I love all of it. There’s honestly not a single thing I’m disappointed in. It’s a shame it’s so hard to get in the Netherlands [I need to order from the US, when there’s free shipping PLUS I can’t order for more than 18 dollar per order because otherwise I have to pay with my kidneys to customs and I’m not up for that]. The products are amazing, pigmented, easy to use, the lip products are not drying and great, and I will be getting more in the future! If you want to read review about ColourPop you can find them here.

Well, these were my 2016 favourites! I hope you got some inspiration from this post. What are your 2016 makeup favourites?

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