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Makeup tips for better skin!

Now, everyone knows that good skin starts with good skin care, but here are some tips to do with makeup!

Tip 1: use brushes
I’m not telling you to buy really expensive brushes, but using brushes WILL improve your skin. Why? Because your hands and fingers have bacteria on them, and if you apply foundation with your hands, all those bacteria will transfer on your face, which causes acne. If you all ready have acne, your hands will spread the bacteria as well. So, really, use brushes if you want to improve your skin! There are lots of affordable options, my favourite are the Real Techniques brushes.

Tip 2: WASH your brushes!
If you all ready use brushes, good job!, you need to wash them. Honestly. WASH THEM BRUSHES! Old makeup residue will gather bacteria as well, so, more bacteria on your face. You can use your own face cleanser, but they do sell special shampoo for your brushes. Your makeup will apply more nicely if you wash your brushes as well, double bonus! Wash your brushes at least once a week, I wash them twice a week but that’s my own preference. I use an anti-bacterial brush cleanser spray after I use a brush, which I also recommend.

Tip 3: Invest!
Drugstore foundation uses less great ingredients than more higher end foundations, to keep the price low. Now, considering foundation goes on your face and it stays on it for at least a couple of hours, try to find a foundation that has better ingredients for your skin. I’m not saying:”Buy a La Mer foundation because skin care!!!!” but just look into the options. If you use a foundation that’s not great for your skin, and makes your skin itself look awful without foundation, you will probably use MORE foundation to camouflage the bad skin, which in turn will make it even worse. It’s a circle honestly. You don’t want to end up like Elizabeth I , do you?  If you invest in a good foundation it will benefit your skin, which makes you use less, which makes your foundation last longer, so really, you will save money in the long run.

Tip 4: Makeup free days
I know how fun it is to play with makeup, but try having a makeup free day at least once a week. Your skin will benefit greatly from it. it can breathe and sort itself out. If you do want to use makeup, use something light, like BB cream instead of foundation.

Tip 5: Research, research, research
If you read my blog, you probably read it for the reviews, which is great! If you have a certain skin issue, research a product before you buy it! You can’t be 100% sure whether a product will make you break out or not, but doing research will benefit you greatly. If you have a sensitivity to a certain ingredient, especially if you are sensitive with your eyes, look into it before you buy! Don’t get an eye-infection just because a product looks nice.

Tip 6: Keep track of your stash!
Go through your makeup collection, what has been there for about 300 years? Get rid of it. Do NOT use products that are over their use-by date. Just don’t. Bacteria will manifest and you’ll probably get really bad reactions to off products. Don’t know whether a product is all right to use or not? Smell it. Does it smell off? Weird? Don’t use it. Even if it’s the most expensive product you own, throw it away. Especially if it’s an eye product, sight is a great gift you don’t want to waste.

I hope these tips helped you a bit! These things really helped me with my skin, which is a lot better than it used to be. If you have any tips, please let us know in the comment section!

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