Book Goals for 2017

As it’s the end of December, it’s time for me to reflect upon 2016 (spoiler alert: it was HORRID) and set up goals for the next year. I never set goals, it seems silly to me, yet I do have some for my reading! So let’s start!


I started reading the Poirot series in the beginning of this year, and I fell in love with it. I never really read detectives, even though I LOVE detective TV series (honestly, I think I’ve watched them all…) and I have read one when I was a child, but never caught the bug. I have caught the bug now! I really want to finish the Poirot series, which is a big task, because there are 39 books in the series. 39, yes. I have read 5 so far, am currently reading 1, and I own 6. I buy all my own books, apart from the occasional gift, so this is going to be a goal that needs a lot of money saving, but I really, REALLY, want to finish this series in 2017!

You can buy the Poirot series here.


I LOVED the Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell series! I really wanted to read the book afterwards, because I had too many questions unanswered. I got this book for my birthday, started it a bit earlier [oops], but I haven’t finished it yet! The book is over 800 pages, and I’m only halfway… Not because it’s a bad book! It’s an amazing book that reads exactly like the series, but it’s a big book and I just can’t seem to finish it!

You can buy this book here!


Now, my biggest project of this year is my History of Beauty project! Yes, yes, I know I have mentioned it before slightly, but I think you can guess what it’s all about. I really want to read more books about it, not just for my project, but because I LOVE history and I LOVE makeup, what more do I want? I own quite a few all ready, and I read those all, but I want to know more! So one of my goals is to read even more about it!

Well, that’s basically it for my goals! Considering I’ve got about 30 Poirot books to read next year, I don’t want to get TOO crazy! What are your reading goals for 2017?


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