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Lipstick Thursday: Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in London Fog


Ever since I tried Colourpop products, I wanted to try more! Now, it’s a bit difficult to get them in the Netherlands, but Colourpop had free shipping for international buyers, so I ordered three packages. Yes. I’m that obsessed.


The Ultra Satin Lip has the same packaging as their Ultra Matte Lip, not really an issue for me. I really like the wand and I really like it applies, it’s really opaque and it feels quite thin. It isn’t sticky and just feels really comfortable on the lips.


I LOVE the colour! On the Colourpop website, it looked more purple, but it’s a really nice, muted red. It’s a good first time red, not too bright, not too dark, it’s subtle but it’s THERE. I’m really impressed with this product, if I’m honest. I tried this on on Friday, the day I work at my library, I put it on around 3pm and it stayed on even after dinner at 8.30 pm. Dinner was lasagna and a caprese salad, so lots of oil and all that good stuff that makes liquid lipsticks disappear, and it stayed put! It didn’t even look like I had eaten anything! It does bunch up a little bit on the inside of my lips, but that could be from lack of exfoliating on that day.
I usually double cleanse my skin, and use toner after cleansing, and when I wake up in the morning the product is still on my lips, not really nice looking, but hey, it’s still there.

Honestly, I am so insanely impressed by Colourpop as a brand. The prices are so low, and the products are so incredibly amazing, I prefer these over my Urban Decay, MAC and Charlotte Tilbury products. Not that those are bad, but I just prefer the Colourpops over it.

If you get any chance to buy something from Colourpop, this product is a great one to buy!

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