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Review: Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales


I went into this book thinking it would be a cute addition to my collection fairy tales. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy was I wrong.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is a great addition to my collection, it’s just not cute. At all. One bit. I mean, the outside of the book is beautiful, but what’s on the inside isn’t cute.
You might be wondering; “Liselotte, why aren’t you reviewing this book for Children’s Book Sunday?”
Well, my friend, this ain’t a children’s book.

To give you an indication of this book, here’s the very first story in the book:


So, ehm, yes. Not really a children’s book, is it?

All that aside, I really DID enjoy this book. I think myself quite knowledgeable in fairy tales, but I only knew a couple in this book! They were almost all stories I never heard of before, and that was incredibly refreshing. It did take me a while to finish it, because some stories were incredibly long and uninteresting, so it kind of made me stop reading it once in a while. I did skip some stories, like some I all ready knew, because I did want to finish this book in my lifetime. (It’s 486 pages long and to have boring stories in it while having ADD isn’t a great combo).

The book has got illustration for every story, but  I don’t like the illustrations, they are too “ugly” for my liking, but they did fit with the overall theme of the book and captured the story really well.

Now, do I recommend you getting this book? Certainly! It is something different compared to the more Disney-esque fairy tales, and worth to be in everyone’s personal library!

You can buy this here.


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