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Lipstick Thursday: Maybelline Super Stay 14h Lipstick in 510 Non-Stop Red


By the name of this lipstick, you’d expect it to be a really long wearing lipstick, wouldn’t you? Boy, was I disappointed!


Now, let’s start with the good things about this product! The colour pay off is really amazing, with one swipe you get full coverage. The colour itself is really nice too.


That’s it. That’s literally all that’s good about this product.

After only one hour, the colour faded away. After only three hours I had to reapply. It emphasizes fine lines on my lips, it really smells HORRIBLY, it makes your lips dry and you can taste chemicals in your mouth while wearing it.

This is literally the worst lipstick I have used this year. It promises you 14 hours of comfortable wear, but I couldn’t even get one hour wear out of it before it looked like I needed to reapply. Maybe it would work if you didn’t eat, drink, talk or breathe while wearing it. Maybe.

I do NOT recommend this product. Buy yourself a good lipstick instead.

3 thoughts on “Lipstick Thursday: Maybelline Super Stay 14h Lipstick in 510 Non-Stop Red”

  1. How odd! I have three of these and I love them to death! It works well for me, it actually provides long wear without applying. Have you tried a different one? Perhaps you gotten one with the wrong formula? Exfoliating and applying chap stick before hand? So sad to hear this didn’t work well for you! 😦

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    1. Oh it could be a country difference! Maybe my country makes more bad batches??? Because I do apply chapstick and the like before I apply! But I’ll try a different one, maybe mine IS just a bad one :’) Thanks for the heads up!!


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