Children’s Book Sunday: Wales by Terry Deary


I own almost ALL the Horrible Histories books, but they were all about more English history than the other parts of the UK, and I really wanted to know more. After reading the Horrible Histories about Oxford, I felt it was time to explore more, so I bought the Horrible Histories book about Wales!

Leeks. Saints. Daffodils. Choirs. Harps. At first glance, the history of Wales might seem pretty tame. But in this Horrible History, you’ll get the real lowdown – with savage druids, deadly dragons and heaps of nasty bits! This is the history of Wales as you’ve never heard it before: a terrible tale of Norman invaders, Viking sea-raiders, cruel Celts, miserable miners and battling bards. Find out why druids split humans in half, how the Normans outwitted the Welsh with a lump of ham – and how an angry army of Welsh mums fought off the French once and for all! It’s all horribly exciting!

I need to confess, I knew nothing about Wales. I don’t know why, maybe because usually history books talk more about England than they do about the other parts of the UK, but I really learned a lot from this book, but I felt it did lack quite a bit.
I am speaking as an experienced Horrible Histories reader, even though this book was a bit bigger than most Horrible Histories, this one felt as if it really cut some corners, I would have loved if this book was just a tad longer!

Having said that, I did really enjoy this book and I learned a lot from it, especially that the Welsh people were treated horribly by the English but they persevered! I guess, for a beginning in the history of Wales it’s a great book, and especially for children its a great book. I think I’m just looking at it way too much from an adult’s perspective, and not as much as the intended target: children.

I still recommend reading this book, any book that can teach me lots is a book worth reading!


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