Review: Soap & Glory the Righteous Butter


As I’ve got dry skin, I like to try out body butters and creams, to see which ones are any good or not. Today I’m going to tell you guys about a body butter from Soap & Glory.


The consistency is more whipped. It’s got the signature Soap & Glory smell, which is quite sweet but doesn’t linger too badly.The body butter is for people with very dry skin and uses shea butter and aloe vera as it’s main ingredients.

It takes some time to rub it into the skin, but once it’s rubbed in it does sink into the skin quite quickly, but my skin does feel a bit greasy after using it. You can feel that I used product on me, instead of more a skinlike feel, you know?
It also leaves my skin feeling quite soft, which is always a big plus for me! It just doesn’t provide enough moister to my skin, unfortunately. I think this is a better summer body butter, or if your skin isn’t as dry as mine.

If you are a very dry person, this isn’t a great body butter to use, I’d recommend using the Dove one that I reviewed.  If your skin is just “regular” dry, this would be way better for you!

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