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Review: Essence – I love colour intensifying eyeshadow base


One of my favourite things about makeup is eyeshadow. Now, I prefer to have a good base on my eyelids because I have quite vein-y eyelids.Now, I have tried quite a few eyeshadow bases, but I think this Essence one is the best so far!


This product applies with a doe foot applicator, which feels really soft on your lids.
The product itself is a bit thicker than the usual eyeshadow bases I have tried, but that means it can actually cover everything.


This is what it looks like before you blend it in. As you can tell it’s quite thick and has a slight pink tone. Fortunately for me, this is basically my own skincolour, so it really covers my eyelids really well and makes them look a lot better. Even when I just wear this base blended in I look better. I’m not sure whether it does intensify my eyeshadows, nor do I know if it actually makes my eyeshadow last longer, but I do know that my eyes look better when I use it.

Honestly, I use this base every day, even if I want to use a glitter base, this one will be the base for the glitter base!

If you need a good eyeshadow base that won’t break the bank, I would DEFINITELY recommend this one!


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