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Children’s Book Sunday: the Mystery at Lilac Inn by Carolyn Keene


One of these days I’m not going to review any more Nancy Drew books, but today is not that day. Here we are again, with another Nancy Drew book, the fourth one to be precise.

The Nancy Drew series is written and set in the 1950s, and I believe this one is the most 50s-esque so far. A short synopsis: Nancy is going to help her friend Emily with Emily’s latest project: Lilac Inn. Lilac Inn seems to be haunted, and then Emily’s diamonds get stolen… It’s up to Nancy to figure out this mystery before something horrible happens!

This wasn’t the one that kept me engaged the most, but this mystery was definitely one of the more intense ones. Ghosts, stolen identities, thefts and Nancy gets into a situation where she might not survive!

I did enjoy reading this one, but this one is really the most 1950s book so far. Emily is engaged and the whole situation is very well… 50s. I don’t know how to explain it otherwise! I guess you have to read it for you to find out what I mean with it.

So far I still enjoy the Nancy Drew series, and I do recommend reading this one. The great thing about the Nancy Drew series is that all the books are also stand alone’s, so you don’t even have to start with the first one, you can just start with this one!

I really recommend this one, and it was heaps of fun to read.

You can order this book here.


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