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Review: Catrice Velvet Matte Lip Cream in REDvolution


Funnily enough, this lip cream is seen as a lipgloss, not a liquid lipstick! It’s promoted as a matte lipgloss but with a high concentrate of vitamins, for nice and soft lips, without any drying. And honestly, I’m pretty sure they are right!


It’s got just your regular doe foot applicator and it’s easy to apply. Now, what strikes me the most, is that this is basically the same product as the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. Okay, it doesn’t wear as nicely as the NYX one, but the consistency and the SMELL are just complete duplicates. The NYX one applies more matte than the Catrice one, the Catrice Velvet Matte needs a bit more time to dry, but honestly, if you can’t get the NYX ones, the Catrice ones are EXCELLENT dupes.

Now, as for the colour:


It’s a really nice, vibrant red, and it isn’t that blotchy. It applies quite evenly and opaque and because it’s got a slower drying time, it gives you more time to make it fully opaque without worrying it’s dry and you’ll mess it up!

It doesn’t wear as long as other liquid lipsticks, but again, it isn’t promoted as such. It isn’t really drying, it does smell quite sweetly but really, it’s a nice product and I totally recommend it!


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