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Lipstick Thursday: Essence Matt Matt Matt 06


Today we are going to talk about another Essence lipstick! I’ve been quite impressed by their lipsticks, their cheap but the quality is pretty good, but is this one any good as well?


The lipstick isn’t any different looking than other lipsticks, it’s just your average lipstick tube and product.I do like that the outside is matte red, to match the product inside.

The colour is a really nice, deep red. I’m quite sure that this lipstick would suit any skin colour and tone.
It applies opaque-ish, but you do need to apply about two coats for it to be fully opaque, as you can tell by the swatch it skips a tiny bit.

Now, the formula is matte, but the lipstick isn’t drying at all! It feels actually really comfortable to wear and I am not experiencing any flakiness on my lips. The wearing time isn’t that long, but I got about four hours wear out of it.After the four hours you can tell on the inside of my lips that it was wearing off, but this was after four hours of work in the library, I’m sure that if you don’t talk as much you can get more hours out of it.

Honestly, for it’s price it’s a great lipstick! I can’t say much else about it. The quality is great and especially for the price, I believe this lipstick cost me about 2 euro, but the lipstick is comparable to my more expensive lipsticks and I prefer these lipsticks over lipsticks from Rimmel and the like. I totally recommend this product!

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