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Children’s Book Sunday: Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens


I was really excited to start this book, it’s about an all girl’s school in the 1930s and a murder happens. Multiple murders. That’s an interesting premise for a children’s book isn’t it?


Now, the idea was really great and honestly, from a child’s perspective, the book is actually really great. That said, I’m not a child and I did have some issues with this book.

The main characters are quite awful. Especially Daisy. She’s a horrible friend, horrible person and she just uses people to her advantage.
Hazel isn’t that much better either. She’s a Chinese girl who moved to the UK because her dad wanted her to. Now, Hazel is a bit chubby and, well, she did move half across the world to go to school on her own in a different country, so her self image isn’t that great. Also, she’s 13 and in an all girl’s school, not many people have a great self image at that age. BUT she praises the “beautiful white girls” way too much. Honestly, it’s such a poisonous state of mind, she keeps comparing herself to the other girls and this kind of scares me to recommend this book to children. Hazel’s heritage is also being used as a plot device, just very slightly, but it annoys me.

This book WAS really fun, it was a great story and really interesting, and I might actually read the other books in this series, but I don’t want to recommend this book to children who have a low self image, because this book won’t make them feel better. If you are an adult who wants to read this, by all means, it’s a fun book to read, but really think about it before you want a child in your life to read this book, are they confident enough in themselves that they aren’t affected by books or characters?

You can buy this book here.


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