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Review: Bésame Comsetics Brightening Vanilla Powder


Bésame is a brand that I absolutely adore for its aesthetic. I love vintage stuff and Bésame is a brand that makes dreams come true, but is this face powder as great as it’s packaging?

When this powder arrived I was surprised how tiny this is! There’s only 6 grams in this packaging, and for the price, I wasn’t too thrilled about it. Now, you can do a long time with face powder, so it isn’t that much of an issue, it was just a slight let down.
What I don’t like about this powder is the sifter.


The holes in the sifter are too tiny to get out product, I have to really hit the product on my hand to get any product out, and you can’t really put the lid on, turn it upside down and give it a good shake to get product out, because there’s a lid on top of the sifter. I am considering just getting rid of that lid, because it makes getting any product so insanely hard, which makes me not want to use the product.

The product itself is pretty good. It’s a nice yellow powder, which makes your skin really matte, but not flat. It smells really nicely too. Though the powder is yellow, it turns translucent when buffing in.


Honestly, it’s an OK powder, it’s not amazing but it isn’t bad. I think it has more novelty value than product value. I really want to love Besamé products, I really do, but so far they have been average to me, which makes me really sad! Maybe I should just try out more of them? Who knows.

If you are into vintage style products, check out this powder, and if you are not, try out a different powder, because you can definitely live without this one!

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