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Review: the ABC Murders by Agatha Christie


We get it, I love detectives. So here we go again, with a review about another Agatha Christie story!


I dare to call myself an expert on detectives, both novels and series, and I think what I’m talking about. I like Agatha Christie because usually I can’t guess who’s the killer.
But damn, I found out who was the killer halfway through, and it was supposed to be a shock, but well… it wasn’t. It was too obvious who it was and I’m so disappointed in it. The overall story wasn’t bad, I really enjoyed the story and the read, but just the ending was annoying because it was too obvious. And nothing is more frustrating than KNOWING who did the damn killings when no one else knows while they are supposed to be cops!! (Though, fakes ones yes, but let me get frustrated).

I would also like to point out that I really LOVE these additions. Just like my Death on the Nile book, this one is a floppy paperback and makes it such an enjoyable read. You aren’t afraid of cracking the spine and the paperback opens nicely so you aren’t cramping up while holding the book. I approve of these additions.

Long story short: do read this novel, because it is a Poirot, the story is really good and cleverly thought out, I think I just spend too much time among detective novels and series! I gave this quite a high rating because it was wonderfully written and kept me hooked and I finished it in three days. It just didn’t deserve five stars because of the ending!

You can buy this here.


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