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Review: the Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins


Here we are again with another Wilkie Collins review! I’ve been searching for this book for MONTHS, has it been worth the wait?

First things first, what is this book about?


This sounds like a ghost story if  I ever heard any, but it isn’t, not really, unfortunately.
The story revolves around one family and the death of the richest person in this family. His wife seems to be the killer, but is she? Or is it maybe her weird brother, and what does he keep doing in the basement…?

I was so excited for this book, because, as you most likely know by now, Wilkie Collins is one of my favourite authors, and for some reason, creepy books are my favourite books.
But that’s the thing, this one ISN’T creepy. I had to put down the Woman in White  because it was too creepy for me at times. That’s what I expected from this one, but it just wasn’t.That doesn’t mean it’s a bad book, I’m just spoiled with my favourite book and this one isn’t as great as this one. It’s greatly written, a bit though to get into, but once you are halfway through it speeds up.

It isn’t as great as the Moonstone, but really, you should read this book as well!

You can buy this here.


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