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Children’s Book Sunday: the Bungalow Mystery by Carolyn Keene


Will I ever stop reading the Nancy Drew series? Probably not. So here we are AGAIN with book number 3!


One downside to these beautiful edition of Nancy Drew, is that they just don’t explain what this book is about on the back. So here’s the synopsis on Goodreads:

Nancy and Helen are trapped in a violent lake storm and rescued by young orphan, Laura Pendleton. Upon meeting Laura’s guardian, Jacob Aborn, the girls are disturbed by Mr. Aborn’s odd and crass behaviors. Soon Laura confides in Nancy about Mr. Aborn’s mistreatment toward her. While trying to help Laura, Nancy has a perilous experience in and around a deserted bungalow at the hands of a crafty villain.

There we go! Way better explanation of the back than the blurb on the back. Now, as you guys know, I LOVE these books because they are so ridiculous and just completely written horribly, but in a good way, you know what kind I mean, right? But I didn’t really like this one, if I’m honest. The story just wasn’t as interesting as the other two. I finished this book in two hours, just like the others, but it just missed something. Maybe it’s because this book was revised by a different person than the other two? Who knows, but this isn’t one I’m likely to re-read.

They are still fun to read and if you have a child in your life that loves detective stories or has a fascination for spies, or maybe you yourself, than definitely introduce them to Nancy Drew!

You can buy this edition here.

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