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Review: Lancôme Juicy Shaker in Wondermelon


Today I’m going to talk about what could be the most fun release of lip products, the juicy shakers by Lancôme. But what are these?

Shake it up with the latest innovation: Juicy Shaker’s bi-phase technology delivers the first pigmented lip oil with 2 distinct phases. The first phase is a transparent oil phase for a comfortable non-sticky shine. The second is the pigment phase for a shot of color. Shake Juicy Shaker like a cocktail shaker to mix the pigments and oil. The cushion applicator enhances application by delivering the perfect ‘shot’ of addictive non-sticky shine and a sheer tint of color to your lips that is simply irresistible.

So basically, it’s an oil, acting like a gloss.
What worries me though, is the part where they keep insisting that it’s ‘addictive’ due to it’s nourishing aspects. They keep going on about it on the website of Lancôme. Why does it worry me? Because if lips get addicted to a certain product (be it a lip balm, an oil, a lipgloss) your lips will go crazy without it. They will go chapped and bleeding and it’ll make you apply more of the product to help it, but it makes things only worse. A good person to look at in this instant is Queen Elizabeth the First, she has probably died due to lead poisoning in her makeup, which she tried to combat with? You guessed it, more lead infused makeup. Maybe Lancôme tries to be cool with the description, but it does slightly worry me…

On to the product. it’s a tiny cocktail shaker shaped holder with the cutest little cushion as an applicator. Honestly, it’s adorable! The cushion is really soft and makes applying the product really easily. The product does have a strong, artificial melon scent. If you are sensitive to scents, be warned!


The colour is a bit different than expected, but the line is really sheer and more on the pink side. Not just this one, but most of the colours are, and they are all quite similar. Nevertheless it’s a really nice, subtle colour that would suit anyone. It feels really nice on the lips, your lips feel nice and smooth and nourished, and for an oil it lasts pretty long on the lips. It’s not eating and drinking friendly though, it will disappear if you do those things. It does leave behind a slight stain which looks really nice and the stain does last pretty long.

Long story short, I actually really like these! Do check them out, especially because we are nearing winter, a nice nourishing pop of colour never did anyone wrong.

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