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Lipstick Thursday: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Lost Cherry


It has come to the point where we are going to review the most expensive lipstick I own, a Charlotte Tilbury one!

This lipstick has become one of my favourite ones due to it’s beautiful colour, I don’t really like pink lipsticks, but this is such a beautiful dusty rose, it would suit anyone!


Why do I like this lipstick so much? Because it stays on my lips for HOURS even when I eat or drink! It’s so easy to apply too, due to it’s more square shape. I am even going to say that this is the lipstick that applies the easiest of all the lipsticks I own. It’s a nice matte lipstick, but doesn’t look flat on your lips.


Is this THE lipstick that’s perfect and has no flaws? No. It does have a flaw, this lipstick is incredibly drying. Well, it’s not that drying that it flakes my lips, but you can feel it drying out your lips while you wear it, which is not ideal. But if you hydrate your lips well usually, it won’t hurt you.

So I won’t recommend you getting this lipstick if you have really dry lips, this just won’t work for you, but if you DON’T have dry lips, really try  this one out! It’s beautiful, it wears for hours and would suit anyone!

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