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Children’s Book Sunday: Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi


I’m not going to lie, one of the reasons why I wanted to read this book is the cover for it. It’s so insanely colourful and beautiful! And knowing the book right now, the cover represents Furthermore PERFECTLY. But, did the inside live up to my expectations?

Short answer: Yes, totally.

I really loved Furthermore, I have read a lot of children’s books in my day, but this was the one that FELT the most like a children’s book of all the books I have read this year. Children’s books have this vibe to them, that I really enjoy, and none of the books I have read have had that vibe, except this one. Maybe it’s because this book is fantasy or maybe just because this book is really well written.

I have never read anything by Tahereh Mafi, and I have heard that this is her first middle grade book, and honestly, I wish she had more! The book is really well written, really well thought out, and the characters are amazing and grow in the book.

I just realised I haven’t even told you what the book is about!


I love Alice. Oh Alice, oh dear Alice, she is so precious.
I recognize myself in her a lot, she’s different and people know she is. I’ve got ADD [my mum is even convinced I’ve got a form of autism] and because of that I do see the world different, mind you, ADD is different for everyone, but I do know that people see me different. I have been different my entire life (I never really dressed like the rest), and I felt the loneliness that Alice experiences . That’s what so great about this book, Alice is different, and that’s ok. She doesn’t change for anyone, she stays herself and that’s OK! There are too many books about people who don’t fit in, getting makeovers to make themselves more like other people, because that’s not how it should be. The book gives a great message about that, so if you have a child in your life who struggles with themselves, let them read Furthermore.

The story itself is really fun, it’s a quick read and you really get emerged in the story. I never wanted it to stop, I noticed that when there were only 30 pages left I started to panic, because  I really didn’t want it to be done!

The only downside to this book, for me, was that I didn’t really have a visual image of Furthermore, but that’s because my brain is an adult brain that isn’t used to using it’s imagination that much anymore!

Honestly, this is one of my favourite books of the year, it’s fun, funny, heartfelt, amazing and just perfect. I don’t know the words to describe how much I love this book, and I hope you will too.

You can buy this here.



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