The S-word, a deodorant review

Being a human-being is usually frowned upon for women. We are supposed to be perfect, but fun fact, we are all human and none of us are. Okay, maybe apart from Audrey Hepburn, but we all need that one exception on the rule!
Today I’m going to tell you a short personal story about The S-word, sweating.


I’ve always been that one sweaty person. I don’t smell, but I SWEAT. A lot. Like A LOT. As a child/teenager it made me very insecure, because you could always tell my underarms were wet, and that just isn’t a cute look. Especially when I’m stressed it gets worse, and when you are a teenager being bullied nearly all your life, you kind of start to sweat from stress 24/7. In the end I only wore black clothes, the only clothes that didn’t show I was sweating.
I’ve tried a lot of different things, for years, natural deodorants, especially strong ones, drugstore, expensive… all kinds of things! None of it worked. Then, last year, I decided to try the Nivea Dry Comfort Plus deodorant and oh my god my life has changed.

This is the ONLY deodorant that ever helped me with my sweating. I still sweat, but by far not as much as I used to do. Ok, when I’m sweating I’m a little bit more smelly, but hey, the weather has been up to 37 degrees here in the Netherlands, and I haven’t sweat half as much as most of the country did! This was definitely a life changer for me, I even wear light colours, white, pink, red, everything!

If you are struggling with a sweating issue, please try this one out. I know how difficult it is to be a human-being AND be a sweaty mess, so you won’t lose anything by trying this!

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