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Review: Still no Oscar for Leo di Caprio by Shiro Cosmetics


A while ago I made an order at Beauty and Bobs  and this was part of the order!
I do need to confess that I mostly bought this eye shadow for it’s name, I mean, come on, it’s hilarious.


You don’t get a lot of product, in my opinion, but honestly, when do you ever use an entire eyeshadow? It’s a tiny, plastic pot that’s really full with product. It’s nice for traveling, due to it’s tiny size and the picture is hilarious and makes looking for this eyeshadow really easy.The sifter is all right, you need to make a little bit of effort to get the product out, but nothing too bad. The product is also vegan and lip safe, which means  you can even use it as a lip product!


Still no Oscar for Leo di Caprio is described as a pink hued champagne colour and it definitely is. The swatch doesn’t do it justice, it’s got a really nice pink shift in it.
It’s really pigmented, which I was mostly surprised about! The swatch is only one swipe with product, and only a little bit of product too!

Honestly, I love this eyeshadow, and I am definitely going to buy more of these shadows, they are pigmented, hilarious, and beautiful colours. I totally recommend this one!

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