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Lipstick Thursday: Bésame Cosmetics Lipstick in 1959 Red Hot Red


I’m not sure if you guys know this yet, but I LOVE vintage stuff. I collect old fashion plates, my favourite dresses are 40’s/50’s reproductions, I just love everything old. When I found out there is a brand that reproduces make-up from the mid-century, I HAD to have some!

Now, it’s really stupidly difficult to get Bésame here in Europe, but finally, I got a lipstick and a powder! I feel accomplished in life now.


This shade was apparently worn by Marilyn Monroe, which is pretty cool. This was also thé it shade of 1959, which is even more cool! The shade is really nice and warm, and has an orange undertone, though it does have a slight tinge of blue, but that might be due to the natural pigmentation of my lips and skin. That’s the fun thing about make-up, it looks different on everyone! (This is also the reason why I don’t really swatch on my lips, my natural lip colour could change the colour of the lipstick and you might not want to get it because it looks bad on me!).

The actual applicator is a LOT different to your usual lipstick, it’s square! It makes it either more difficult or easier to apply lipstick, depending if you are in a hurry or not. I like it, but it takes some getting used to. Something to note though: the lipsticks are small, very small. This is probably the smallest lipstick I own. Which also means you don’t get as much product, which is a slight shame! It doesn’t have a strong scent though, so there’s a plus.


The colour is so nice though. I really like this lipstick, but it doesn’t last very long, and you do need to use a lip liner underneath it. The price is the same as a MAC and Urban Decay lipstick, and I personally think that if you want your money to go far, buy one of those instead, because you get more product for the same price.

Now, this lipstick isn’t bad, I do really like it, but it’s definitely more a lipstick if you are a vintage lover like me, and if you aren’t, you can live without this one.

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