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Children’s Book Sunday: Time Travelling with a Hamster by Ross Welford


What do you do when your dad dies, your mum gets married again to a guy who wants you to be his son a little TOO badly and you get bullied by your stepsister and her boyfriend when trying to fit into a new school? Right. You time travel back in time to safe your dad from ever dying in the first place.


Oh my God, this book was amazing. It was brilliant and hilarious. I mean, the main character’s name is Albert Einstein Hawkings Chaudhury, and his dad’s name is Pythagoras. Oh and the hamster’s cage? It’s called Hamsterdam. With names like that, what did you expect to find in this book?

The story itself is really great too.Time travelling? Check. Trying to save your dad from an early death? Check. Accidentally killing your dad? Check. Going back in time to a different universe where you actually don’t exist? CHECK.
When he goes back to 1984, people don’t know what a cellphone is, Pye is really proud of the fact there is one (1!) computer at his school, and this is explored quite a bit too. The culture shock is quite funny, and does remind you of how much the world has changed in 30 years.

The best part about this book wasn’t the names, the actual story ( even though it really is amazing!) but the fact that there are almost no white people in it. Al is a mixed race child, his dad is Punjabis and his mum is British.He lives in a community with lots of Indian people and honestly, it’s so refreshing. There are not enough books about POC, let alone children’s books. And, even better, Al wasn’t just mixed for the fun of it, the Indian culture does get explored quite a bit.

I won’t spoil too much about the story, because I really recommend reading this to adults and children alike. Just know that the story is a lot different than you’d think. I am explaining it to you now, but when I started this book I didn’t expect it to be half as good as it actually is. The story is brilliant, well thought out, and just amazing.
If you feel like reading a fun story that’s crazy and makes you laugh and cry, I really, REALLY recommend this book.


You can buy this amazing book here.

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