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Review: Unnatural Death by Dorothy L. Sayers


Oh, how I love Lord Peter Wimsey. Honestly, looking at that name you can understand why, everyone has got ridiculous names. The entire series is ridiculous. And that’s what makes it so great.

This is the third novel in the Lord Peter series, but the great thing about detectives is that you can start with any odd book in the series, and it still makes sense.
But, what is this one about?


The series is very much a Batman and Alfred type of story. Lord Peter is the crime fighting, spoiled guy, and Bunter is the obvious valet/butler. But that’s what makes this so great!!
Bunter is amazing, he can do so much and you don’t expect it. Lord Peter gets in trouble and has no idea how to spend all his money and it’s glorious.They truly care about each other, and solve every crime. They use fingerprints [something new in that time] and think outside the box. They keep you wanting to read more and more!

I love it when a detective is done right and keeps you wondering throughout who did it, and this one definitely did that for me. I hadn’t guessed the ending at all!

The books aren’t greatly written, by all means, but the Lord Peter series are definitely just as good as the Poirot series. And if I recommend you to start any detective series, Lord Peter would be on top of my list.


You can get this book here.

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