Review: Morphe Eyeshadow Palette in 12NB


So, the other day I caved in and ordered from Beauty Bay, this was one of the things I ordered and here’s my review on it!


The palette is a warm, neutral eyeshadow palette with 12 shades, of which 3 are shimmery and the others matte. They are nice, versatile colours and the palette is nice and slim, you can easily take it with you on holidays or on trips.

The colours swatched as followed [note: the eyeshadows don’t have any names so I am swatching them per row.


As per usual, you can’t even see the lightest shades on my pasty complexion. I apologise. The shimmery gold is gorgeous and feels really nice. The mattes are a bit meh. Not spectacular but not too bad either.


The second row is the most perfect row in existence of the universe. Damn. The colours are buttery, smooth and so opaque and glittery and perfect. Especially the last one, that one is definitely the best shade in the entire palette, insanely buttery. Honestly, I recommend you buying this palette for these four colours alone.


Where as the second row was majestic, this third row is a bit meh. They apply a bit chunky and chalky and aren’t that opaque. Now, I’m a glitter gal myself and don’t really use mattes that often, but these aren’t that nice to even use. The pay off isn’t that great and as you can tell, it is quite patchy.

Now, do I recommend getting this palette? Yes, for the top two rows, and considering the price, I’m not complaining too much about the third row either. It’s a nice, travel-sized palette and you can’t go wrong with a few mattes and glittery eyeshadows!

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