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Adventure: Antwerp Zoo


In the beginning of September, my UK family came over to visit my grandparents and to participate in our annual family reunion. Now, that family reunion is a damn adventure on it’s own, we had about 90 people together, but that wasn’t even the WHOLE family yet.

But I’m not going to talk about that, I’m going to talk about the day before, the Friday where my cousin and her boyfriend went to the Antwerp Zoo and they asked if I wanted to tag along. Which I did, because I was sad because I got dumped the day before. I’m just very lucky in life haha.

Anyways, on we went! This won’t be a very talkative adventure, because you know, it’s a zoo, but it’s a GOOD zoo. As I have experienced a lot of zoos in my day, I know what I’m talking about.


This was a very sad koala (and please no it isn’t a koala BEAR I mean, the Australians made a whole song about it that it isn’t a bear and my ex and his family kept singing it to me the first time I was in Australia so pls don’t because I WILL DO THE SAME), earlier this year this lady koala lost her mate koala and she was very lonely so they put an extra kangaroo in her exhibit but she was just so sad. Poor lady koala.

I also nearly fell while taking this picture, because I’m so elegant.


Of all the animals I met that day, this starfish was the one creature I could emotionally identify with .

That was basically it! Well, the other pictures weren’t good at all, and these ones weren’t even amazing, but hey, at least I can give proof I went there!

I did really like the zoo, and it is placed directly next to the train station, to the point where you can see trains from some exhibitions! If you ever get to Antwerp, totally go to zoo!




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