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Review: the Victorian Treasury by Lucinda Hawksley


This book is not to be confused with the Little Book of the Tudors. Though they may look similar, they are not in the same series! Then, which one is better? This one or the Little Book? Here’s a short review !


Honestly, when I read both the books, I thought they were from the same series. They are almost identical in setup, but no they aren’t. I really really loved this book.
As you may or may not know, I’m a hobby ‘historian’, obviously never as good as the real deal but I like to pretend, and one of my favourite eras is the Victorian Era [yes I am very original in my likes shush]. I pride myself in knowing quite a lot about this era, but wow,  I did actually learn something from this book!

You learn something about the royal family, but normal people too, how they lived and worked and dressed. Something history often forgets about, we know plenty about the upper class, but not enough about the poor and middle class, and this book does that different. Oh, and we learn a bit more about the British Empire, and how horrible it truly was. I even got to use this book for my Oxford Uni course!

The book isn’t very long, and it didn’t take me too long to finish it, it has 160 pages so it’s easily readable in one sitting, if needed.

If you want to learn more about the Victorian Era without spending 400 hours on books and articles, I really recommend you reading this one!


You can get this book here.

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