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Children’s Book Sunday: Baby Lit a Midsummer Night’s Dream by Jennifer Adams


Oh I love children’s books. I love collecting them, and when I saw there’s a special Baby Lit book series, I had to check them out! We start with Shakespeare.

This is the baby version of Shakespeare’s a Midsummer Night’s Dream,now I got this one because I never even read Shakespeare (ok, apart from that one term in high school where we dissected Macbeth, but that was for school ok) so I was wondering how they would translate Shakespeare into something for young children.
The Baby Lit books are based on a lot of classics, but made so kids learn something from it, be it colours, counting or “just” about faeries.

The book is only 22 pages long, so that’s what made me curious. It had a lot of words in it, which surprised me, usually, young children’s books have very few words and more pictures, whereas this was the opposite. I think it’s more a book for the slightly older little one, than for actual baby’s, considering with the amount of words.
The pictures the book DOES have are beautiful,


I mean, look at it! These are beautiful!

I don’t really feel like talking about what the book is about, I mean, it’s one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, but basically, it’s about faeries.

Now,  long story short, do I recommend these Baby Lit books? Yes. Definitely. They have lots of classics written for little one’s, and this is a great way to teach them about your favourite books! They are made out of cardboard, have beautiful illustrations, and I really think that these are great books for little one’s. And, they are even amusing to us adults!


You can buy this book here.

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