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Review: Urban Decay XX Vice LTD Reloaded Palette



Urban Decay isn’t a brand that’s easily accessible in the Netherlands. Luckily, near me, there is a makeup store with an Urban Decay counter! I went there after a job interview, and to treat myself for getting the job, I bought myself this beautiful palette. Was it worth it?


Honestly, when I opened up my palette when I got home, I made noises I didn’t know I was capable of making them. The palette is BEAUTIFUL. So insanely beautiful that no pictures can do it justice. You get 20 shades of the most well loved eye shadows over the years. How are the shadows?


This is the first row of shades. Oil Slick and Midnight Cowboy feel a bit gritty, but are beautiful shadows. Suspend isn’t that visible, but considering it’s a matte, we aren’t really surprised, are we? The shimmery shades are just beautiful, pigmented and apart of Oil Slick and Midnight Cowboy, really nice and soft. Also, a moment of appreciation for Roadstripe, this colour is so white that it’s even visible on ME.


On to the next row, again, the shimmery shades are gorgeous, pigmented and just full of life. I am seriously gagging over Hot Pants, it’s so insanely gorgeous and so incredibly pigmented! Laced is a bit of a let down, as it doesn’t really show up and feels a bit well… sad compared to the shades it’s next to. Poor Laced! I do use this one in my crease area and it’s a nice transition shade. What  I have noticed from the palette is that a lot of colours look different in the pan than they do when swatched, like Mildew, it looks really green in the pan but it’s actually more of a gold. Shallow however, looks really matte in the pan, but it’s an insane shimmer colour!


Here we get to the 3rd rod, with my favourite colour Smog. Smog is beautiful and just so insanely pigmented. Asphyxia isn’t as pigmented as the other shimmery shadows, which is a shame, but it’s a nice colour nonetheless.


Now, for the last row, these are gorgeous too. Goldmine is really a lot more yellow than it is gold, but it’s nice. Anonymous is the same colour as my own skin, so it doesn’t really show up, my apologies. Twiced Baked can be a bit chunky if you are too enthusiastic, but nothing a good blending brush can’t help.

Because the colours are so pigmented, you only really need to tap your brush lightly in the colours, which is a plus! I really, really love this palette. It’s my first Urban Decay palette and it’s so gorgeous that  I can’t wait to get the others!

With the palette you get a double ended brush, which is nice but I don’t really use it. But, for a palette brush ( we all know those horrible ones you usually get!), these are really good and if you don’t have any brushes or are just starting out, it’s a great beginners brush.

This is a Limited Edition palette, so get it while you can!

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