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Adventure: Germany day 3


Here we are with the last blogpost about Germany! The weather was really nice today, 30 degrees, and we only went to one castle today, Lahneck. Famous, disturbingly, for the death of a 17 year old girl. She went up to the tower and had a look around, when the stairs collapsed behind her, and nobody noticed her missing for some reason?????? Personally, I find that the most disturbing part of the story, how no one seemed to miss her while she went looking about with her family????? Anyways, I didn’t go up the towers because I’m afraid of heights, and for some reason I always forget I am.






I didn’t take a lot of photos from the inside, but the only thing that was really important to mention was that  I looked into the eyes of Queen Victoria in a portrait. I nearly died. I was shaking and the only pictures I took were completely blurry so my dad took this picture. I love her so muhuch she is the person who kindled my love for history.



After that we went back to our hotel, but from the other side of the Rhine. We went past our first town (but from the other side, get it?) and saw the ruins that were there. I went there last year and took some photos, but from the other side you notice how actually big the ruins are!


And it used to be even bigger??????? How??????




Imagine just having a castle in your backyard, just casually????????

The only last important thing I need to note is this:


The perfect tip to see whether a hotel is good or not: take a stuffed toy with you and if they position it (or even tuck it in!) nicely, you know it’s the real deal.
(Also, scandalous, my petticoat is hanging out of the suitcase, SHOCK!)

Well, this was the last one for my Germany trip this year! I might continue doing this Adventure series, we shall see! 🙂

Day 1 || Day 2

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