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Review: Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie


Ok, has anyone sen the Doctor Who episode with Agatha Christie? Yes? Because the lady on the cover looks EXACTLY like Agatha Christie in that episode. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

I’m slowly getting to all the Poirot books. And so far, this one has become my favourite.


Imagine this: you are a world famous detective, and feel like maybe you should take a break from all the dead bodies falling around you left, right and center. You go on holidays on a cruise when.. you find more dead bodies left, right and center. Poor Poirot.
So yes, that’s basically the premise of the story. I mean, it’s a detective, what more could you expect, really?

What does this one do different that this one is my favourite? Well, the story is just really well developed. It’s a bit longer than the usual Poirot books, and I feel like it’s got more time to become a real thing. Not just a story you read really quickly, you get invested in the story. You see love blossom, people that you dislike get punished. People you like get the appreciation they deserve. Hysterical exes, murdered wives, and why do the others get killed?
And the best part of all, I had no idea who did it and had a right shock when things unraveled themselves!

Definitely one of the better Poirot books!


You can buy this one here.


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