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Children’s Book Sunday: the Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene


As I’m European, I never ever heard of Nancy Drew. What I knew about it was that it was a children’s detective series. I mean, how perfect is that?!


Now the series is celebrating it’s 80th (!) birthday, there are new editions out, that I thought were so cute, I bought the first one in the series! Obviously, the synopsis sounded great too: Nancy is a 18-year old girl who gets involved with several families that would benefit from the death of a relative/ friend. Some other people seem to be benefiting from the inheritance INSTEAD of the more deserving families. Nancy investigates the case, will the less fortunate families get the money instead of the snobbish super rich Tophams?

The story sounded adorable. And oh boy was I in for a treat!

The story is absolutely ridiculous. At the beginning Nancy meets the sisters Turner when she rescue’s their niece. When Nancy gets at the Turner’s place, she wants to use the phone, but they tell her they don’t have a phone. While about 5 pages later, Nancy calls the Turner sisters by phone and they actually have phone calls????
The writing is so funny too. I used to read my mother’s children’s book when I was a child, so books from the 60s and the 70s, and this book is EXACTLY like those books. The writing style isn’t amazing, but enjoyable. The story itself was really enjoyable too. I finished this book in a day, so much did I like it!

If you are person who loves detectives and want to share this love with the children in your life, then definitely get the Nancy Drew series! I’m definitely buying the others in this series, they are too enjoyable to not read!


You can get this book here.

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