Shop Review: Beauty and Bobs!

As I mentioned in my previous shop review, us Dutch people can’t really order anything online, due to taxes. By accident, I stumbled upon Beauty and Bobs, a Belgian based website, and I ordered some products from them!
The website is easy in use, easy to navigate, and just a really nice and clear site.The website can be visited in both Dutch and English, by the way!

I ordered on Saturday the 20th of August and my package arrived on the 25th of August, which was pretty quick, considering there was a weekend in between it. It arrived in a big envelope [which I don’t have a photo of because it was basically covered with my address].
Excitedly, I opened my package and saw this:


Isn’t that just the cutest?! They wrapped my package in wrapping paper and it’s so adorable! I’ve never encountered any shop that did that! They also send a really sweet and nice card with it, basically to say thank you for ordering. Honestly, I’m so impressed and delighted about it.

After I unwrapped the wrapping paper, I discovered a little box.


It was a bit smooched in places, but everything inside was safe. I ordered a blush and an eyeshadow and they were both safely wrapped in paper and were completely fine.

Yes that’s an eyeshadow with Leonardo diCaprio and a shark thanks.

Now, will I order from Beauty and Bobs again? Most definitely yes! Great service, I loved the little touches they put into the package and nice unusual products. Please, check them out, because they definitely deserve more love!



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